20191026 KCCCI Agro Seminar 2019

kccci seminar

Did you know, Agropreneurship is trending in Malaysia

Malaysia’s agricultural sector has been a major driver for the country’s economy but continues to face difficulties owing to inefficiency and bureaucracy, which have resulted in significant losses. Our food import bill has been steadily increasing – from RM26.3bil in 2009 to an unsustainable RM45.4bil in 2015.  These imported ingredients mean that Malaysia is also dependent on a handful of countries for their agricultural productivity, which makes it even more vulnerable to supply shocks and volatile prices.

Nevertheless, the overall outlook for the agriculture sector in Malaysia remains positive, with smart farming providing a potential solution to longstanding challenges. Smart farming refers to the optimization of inputs, including water, fertilizers, pesticides and tools for enhancing yield, quality and productivity. In addition, technologies such as drone, IOT, cloud computing, big data analytics will also keep the agriculture sector attractive to the younger generation.

Through collaboration with various government agencies, we hope to high light the latest technologies in smart farming, as well as various productive agricultural techniques.

This year is second-year KCCCI organised the Agricultural Seminar, last year were had a very good response from the public, hence this year decides to organise a full-day seminar.

Besides this, we will have entrepreneur sharing session, let the entrepreneur share what they have do and overcome on the journey towards Agriculture.

Date   : 26th Oct 2019 (Sat)
Time. : 9am to 5.30pm
Venue: KCCCI Auditorium
Registration Fee: Member RM50
                            Non Member RM80    

To register: https://forms.gle/fBexkmFc1xpSNxtu8

Whoever that can see the Power of Farming in the future or those who are keen to start smart farming as a hobby are welcomed to join us!
Download Presentation files: http://kccci.org.my/files/20191026_Agro/ 

FAMA Presentation: https://prezi.com/view/bCcg0059PnrdQQoEG8QB/

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