Our company principally engaged in paper mill / paper manufacturing industry. Please advise us those waste products import under Sirim COA approval can partly use in production, partly sell to third party?

Sirim officer replied that is up to customers.

Company would like to import machine & parts to use in production process from China. Kindly advise us how to waive the import duty.

Usually most machinery does not incur any duties, however sales tax maybe imposed.

For exemption of duties, usually if FORM E, is available for the items, duties will be exempted, however this is to be confirmed if we have more information on the imported items.

Another option is to apply through Finance ministry or mida for specific exemption.

Please advise the purpose of filling project status in PACU Mida system. Is it compulsory?

Please go to,, MIDAS portal on PACU.

PACU basically assist investors to expedite the whole process of getting approvals. The information on tax exemption application of machinery are also available there.

It would be faster if investors are doing it through PACU.